Volunteering at Ironsides - Getting an RFU DBS (formerly CRB)

Volunteering at Ironsides - Getting an RFU DBS (formerly CRB)

All volunteers involved in the supervision of children, or any activities involving children or their data need to have a current RFU Enhanced DBS (formerly CRB) Check. NOTHING ELSE WILL DO.

The only exception is that Referees are not obliged to have a DBS, and nor are seniors who help out the juniors occasionally. Referees without a DBS must however ensure that both teams are supervised by a DBS'ed coach

If you have an RFU DBS through another Rugby Club, let us know on your Volunteer Form we will get access to it.

If you need a DBS, it's not difficult, just needs some admin – we need you to

1. Check/update your details on the Ironsides website, check at Ironsides Registration
(you should search for yourself first just in case already registered)

2. Complete a Club Volunteer Form (signed by age group coach)

3. Provide copies of 3 forms of ID for us to keep from the approved documents e.g. passport, driver's license, utility/council <2 months old

4. Provide details of any address changes in the last 5 years (postcodes, house number, month & year of changes), if you have been at your current address over 5 years we still need the month and year you moved in

Ladies - if you have had any surname changes please advise with dates

Volunteer Registration (DBS Check, etc.)
Pat Brooke & Reuben Cook aim to retire to the clubhouse to perform Voluneteer admin such as DBS application processing, etc. as a walk-in clinic (no prior appointment needed ;-) from 1230 on Sundays, fixtures permitting (we have boys in U11s).

If you have player or volunteer related admin requests or queries e.g. DBS processing, etc. please find us in the clubhouse - it's warm & dry with WiFi Guiness / London Pride, and other favourite beverages...

Medically Qualified Personnel - PLEASE READ

Ironsides Rugby recognises and appreciates the support from doctors and other health professionals who provide assistance to the club, and that this gesture contributes to the smooth running of many matches. Whilst encouraging health professionals to participate in providing assistance at events, matches and training, we must point out that before they undertake such a role, only Health Professionals who have undertaken appropriate first aid training and are identified as first aiders by Ironsides Rugby, will be insured to practice to the limits of this training. Any further professional treatment or advice given, is provided under their own indemnity and insurance.

Information from the RFU and BMA.

The RFU recognises and appreciates the support from doctors and other health professionals who provide assistance to clubs or events (often in the professional's own time and at their expense), and that this gesture contributes to the smooth running of many matches. Whilst encouraging doctors to participate in providing medical assistance at these events, we make the following recommendations regarding the issues that should be considered by clubs before engaging the services of a crowd doctor, and by doctors before undertaking such a role.

INSURANCE: Yes, a suitably qualified volunteer who has been appointed by an insured club as their medical attendant will be insured to practice first aid to the limits of their training by the standard RFU insurance, and have the same public liability cover as referees and coaches. Obviously they should not attempt any treatment that they have not been trained for, and it is the club's responsibility to check the qualifications of any such volunteers (ask to see certificates, obtain any relevant DBS checks, encourage refresher training when appropriate etc).

Professional medical staff are not included in this cover and should have their own indemnity and insurance before being appointed by a club.

An information resource for doctors providing medical care at sporting events (from the BMA)

Summary of content available:

This resource provides information for doctors who are interested in, and considering providing medical care at sporting events. It emphasises the importance of a doctor contacting their medical defence organisation prior to providing care, or assisting in any professional capacity at a sporting event.

EVERYONE needs an RFU Enhanced DBS Check if they wish to assist at Minis or Youth with ANYTHING involving supervision of children (under 18 years of age) or their data. Unfortunately this means that DBS/CRBs from schools, football clubs, hospitals are irrelevant to Ironsides (or specifically the RFU), even if you are a teacher, Doctor, Police Officer or even the Prime Minister - YOU STILL NEED AN RFU SOURCED ENHANCED DBS CHECK.

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