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  Ironsides Rugby is a large and truly great rugby club.  We pride ourselves on our ethos and on doing our very best to give everyone a game. Those who feel that the fees may be a barrier should talk to the team manager, we really want everyone to be able to play.

Ironsides Rugby Juniors is now coming of age and we have a number of players playing for England and in the premiership.  Kyle Sinckler, Daryl Marfo and Lorcan Dow being notable current examples.

New members are very welcome, though we are such a popular club in a few age groups we may be over subscribed and we have to limit numbers to ensure quality of coaching.  All those who are under 18 on the 31st August should contact the appropriate age group manager (see Contacts).
At Ironsides, girls up to U12 have the choice of playing either mixed minis or Girls Minis. From U12 girls are required by the RFU to play girls only, and we have a number of Girls Youth teams.  

Most age groups play and train on Sunday mornings at 10.00, there is never any harm in making sure we are training at home from the fixtures list and coming along to have a go and have a chat with the management.

Ideally new members will arrive early in the season, the first (or any) Sunday in September is perfect, but you will always be welcome, the season runs through to the end of April.  Some of the Youth age groups also choose to train in the Summer months.

See‚Äč for registration information and note the Junior Membership form

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