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First Aid

  Training to be a Coach, a Referee or a First Aider

The club sponsors those who wish to take approved training courses and improve their skills. Speak to your Head Coach or Rob Newman, who organises all club sponsored training.

COACHING - For beginners the first move is to take the 'Rugby Ready' Course which is a pre-requisite for the 'Level 1' Course in Coaching. You then move on to Level 1.

REFEREE - The first course, which takes you to Level 2 is called the "Entry Level Referees Award" this turns you in to a Level 13 referee!!

FIRST AID - We are crying out for Coaches and Parents to get trained in FIrst Aid, speak to Rob Newman please.

CRB - all the above must undertake a Criminal Records Bureau check


COACHING - we allow coaches to train from age 16, the earliest age that coaches can be CRBed. They are welcome to join in coaching sessions, but until they are 18 must be supervised when coaching contact activities.

REFEREE - 18 is the minimum age for taking control of the game

FIRST AID - 18 is the minimum age for administering FIRST AID

CRB - can be undertaken through the RFU from the age of 16

We will allow Coaches to undertake sponsored training from 16 and Refs and First Aiders from 17 1/2. This is provided that you are sponsored by your head coach, who is convinced that he will gain benefit from the club paying for your training



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