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Corporate and Property


Battersea Ironsides Rugby Football Club Limited [BIRFC Ltd] is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority as a Co-operative and Community Benefit Society which is a mutual society - Reg No: 30395R
Registered Address: Openview, Burntwood Lane, London SW17 0AW
Registered on 17 December 2007

We changed our image, logo etc in 2010 and we trade and are generally known as Ironsides Rugby

The officials of BIRFC Ltd. are: 

Officers of the Club and Members of the Main Committee by virtue of thier elected position
Richard Smith, Nigel Ratcliffe, Kate Pettitt and Paul Richings, Dan Marshall, Claude Rolland and Justin Basini 

Members of the Main Committee: 
Shahid Rafiq, Rob Newman, Andy Franklin, David Gardiner-Hill, Bob Lettman, Matthew Eltringham

Members of the Property Working Party:
David Gardiner-Hill (Chair), Richard Cotgrove, Jonny Kirwan and Bob Lettman

The officials are elected annually at the Annual General Meeting of BIRFC Ltd. generally in June.  

The Club is affiliated to the Rugby Football Union and Surrey Rugby

On property matters the club is advised by Jones Day LLP (Partner: David Roberts)
On Corporate matters the club is advised by Edwin Coe LLP (Partner: David Kinch)

The members of both the Senior Section and the Junior Section (Youth & Minis) of BIRFC Ltd are automatically members of Battersea Ironsides Sports Club [BISC], which also has a Cricket and Football Section.

The members of the BIRFC Ltd Main Committee representing the interests of Ironsides Seniors Rugby on the Management Committee of BISC and the board of BISOL are Jonny Kirwan and Chris Dixon, and those representing the Junior Sports Section are David Gardiner-Hill and Bob Lettman.

Ironsides Rugby is made up of two main sections:
Ironsides Seniors Rugby - representing the game for players over the age of 18
Ironsides Juniors Rugby - representing the game for those under 18 years of age

Both sections are operated by their own elected Committees and Officials and have their own distinct financial and operational structure

Ironsides Juniors is further divided into Ironsides Youth Rugby for those in the under 13s to under 18s and Ironsides Minis Rugby for those from u12s down as far as around 4 years old.


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