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BI Sports Club and Sports Ground


The Battersea Ironsides Sports Club has a number of sports clubs affiliated to it.

The main constituent sections which make up BISC are:
Ironsides Rugby (aka BIRFC Ltd) (affiliated to the RFU and Surrey Rugby)
Battersea Ironsides Cricket Club (affiliated to the ECB)
Battersea Ironsides Football Club (affiliated to the FA)
Battersea Ironsides Junior Sports Club (including Ironsides Juniors Rugby and representing the interests of Junior Sport at BI).

Other users of the ground do so under commercial arrangements with BISOL.

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Battersea Ironsides Sports Ground is operated by Battersea Ironsides Sports Operations Limited.

The members of both the Senior Section and the Junior Section (Youth & Minis) of BIRFC Ltd are automatically members of Battersea Ironsides Sports Club [BISC].

The members of the BIRFC Ltd Main Committee representing the interests of Ironsides Seniors Rugby on the Management Committee of BISC and the board of BISOL are Dan Marshall and Chris Dixon, and those representing the Junior Sports Section are David Gardiner-Hill and Bob Lettman.

BISC has a new constitution which is shared here.

The Ground and Buildings known as Battersea Ironsides Sports Ground are currently let to BISOL by LMPFE. From 2015 Battersea Ironsides Sports Operations Limited manages the club house and grounds. This situation is in the process of change. BISOL will operate the House and Grounds. BIPL will hold the 999 year peppercorn lease from LMPFE. BIPL will then licence the ground to BISOL as appropriate from time to time.

LMPFE Ltd is a 50/50 joint holding company owned by The Spencer Club and Battersea Ironsides Sports CLub, the BISC appointed Directors are David Gardiner-Hill (BIRFC Ltd) and David Solomon (BICC).

Battersea Ironsides Property Limited [BIPL] is incorporated in England & Wales, A Not for Profit Company Limited by Guarantee Registered No: 7473154 to hold the master 999 year leasehold of the Battersea Ironsides Sports Ground for BISC and BISOL. BIPL is owned by the four BISC Sections, Rugby, Football, Cricket and Juniors. One Member and Director from each section is appointed to represent the Sections interests.

Battersea Ironsides Sports Club [BISC] is an unincorporated members club supporting Cricket, Football, Rugby and Junior Sport at the Battersea Ironsides Sports Ground in Earlsfield, London SW17.

Battersea Ironsides Sports Operations Limited [BISOL] is incorporated in England & Wales, A Not for Profit Company Limited by Guarantee, Registered No: 9369674 to operate our sports ground. As from 1st January 2015 BISOL will take over day to day running of the sports ground from BISC.  2 Members and Directors from each section are appointed to the board of BISOL represent the sections interests - these are normally as per the BISC representatives.

London Marathon Playing Fields Earlsfield Limited [LMPFE] is incorporated in England & Wales, A Not for Profit Company Limited by Guarantee, Registered No: 7509678 to hold the freehold of our sports ground and The Spencer Club Sports Ground.

Registered Address for all the above: Openview, Burntwood Lane, London SW17 0AW


The organisation known as Battersea Ironsides Sports Club Limited is defunct and has ceased to trade all operations will now form part of BISOL.


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2002 - Treviso Tour

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