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U15s Wasps Mini Tournament

In early December the Ironsides U15s team were invited to take part in a mini tournament hosted by London Wasps FC. The tournament was made up four teams; London Wasps, London Welsh, Battersea Ironsides and a visiting South African team, called the Titans who were on a nationwide tour. This exciting and unique opportunity to play a South African team could not be passed up!

Upon arrival at Wasps FC on a cold but sunny December morning the Ironsides U15s had a quick warm up and they were the first London side to play the Titans.  As anticipated this was a tough game but Ironsides put up a great defence, with good line speed. While we didn’t win we held our own against an extremely good Titan team. As one of the Ironsides fathers said of the 30 minute match, “Great rugby, full of Ironsides spirit, with bravery, commitment and tenacity across the board...”

After a 10 minute rest, Ironsides were back on the pitch, this time playing London Welsh. We warmed up and were ready to go.  During this match there were impressive “bullocking” runs from our forwards and as their confidence grew the players started using great width with the ball across the pitch.  In the end Ironsides scored nine tries against London Welsh; a satisfying and convincing win.

Because of the overwhelming strength of the Titan team, it was agreed to set up a Barbarian side comprising of Wasps, London Welsh and Ironsides to play the third and final match of the tournament. Things started looking promising when the Barbarian side scored a penalty and a try within the first 10 minutes of play. Then the Titans stepped up their game and took a comfortable win. However, following the result of the final match, we were all reliably informed by the Titan’s coach, that it was the first time any team had scored a try against them since they had started their UK tour. We all took that as a positive result overall.

After the matches were played a much appreciated and tasty BBQ was enjoyed by all. This was followed by a presentation  where our under 15s Captain Ollie Green said a few words before giving the Titan’s coach an Ironsides tournament shield, which was received with pleasure. A perfect ending to a tremendous morning’s rugby.

The Ironsides U15s team and season so far…

The Ironsides U15s team is a total squad of 30 boys, with a mixed range of ability from developmental to B and A level players. We are fortunate to be coached by ex-career players, who give their invaluable time, advice and insight when coaching the players. As we are a relatively small squad there is quite a family feel within the team. Many of the boys will often attend midweek training at the club to try and improve their team play ready for Sunday. We are always on the look out to recruit new players. Indeed, happily we have acquired three new players this season alone and they have slotted into the existing team structure seamlessly. While we would like more depth within the U15s team, another advantage of having a lean squad is that normally everyone will have game time when playing a friendly match. So far this season, we have lost the first two of our cup matches but have come back stronger in the third cup match with a victory of 10 tries to 3. This was a great way to see out the year and to begin 2019.

Jo Maskell - Co-manager U15s

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