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IRONSIDES NEWSLETTER coming soon... we need news, events, copy & artwork
If you have an event that should be published please get it on the site – /admin login needed and if you haven’t got a logon for /admin or have forgotten your details please just ping and Shahid or Reuben will pick up and can assist.
If you haven’t got all the details finalised don’t worry let’s still get events published and we can say TBC, point is let’s get things published, noise started, details fleshed out.  We are also desperate for items for the much talked and wanted newsletter – start of season is approaching fast, it won’t happen without news & events!
Worst case send us a list, we need:
Event Date & Time, Title, Summary, Detail Copy & Artwork
Send to as it’s likely your news/event, etc. can serve both, indeed any item discussed in the newsletter should refer back to the website for more details and then can also be pushed on social media too.



2002 - Treviso Tour

2006 - Road to Rouen

2009 - Final Game for Ironsides

2017 - Back Home with Marcus

2017 - Living with the Pride

2006 - Set Piece

2008 - U14 @ Centre

2016 - Funday Awards

2017 - On the Plane

2017 - Facing the Press