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Friday 10th February – Wandsworth Civic Hall - A buzzing crowd gathers to celebrate Wandsworths’ finest sportspeople, teams, volunteers, teachers and coaches.
Wandsworth Council’s sport and leisure spokesman, Cllr Jonathan Cook, said: “Sports bring people together, keeps us healthy and teaches our young people valuable lessons about discipline, team work and rising to a challenge. These awards are about recognising local people who have made a special contribution to this important part of community life here in Wandsworth."

This year our very own Nigel Taylor-Walker nominated for one of the most prestigious awards of the night – OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO SPORT & PHYSICAL ACTIVITY.

Back in 1998 – Bringing his son George along to Ironsides – Like many parents, suddenly finding himself involved – The rest is history!

Initially, just helping out, leading to Head Coach of the U7’s. Now known to many parents/members as Head Coach of the Micros/U6 group. Over the years, aside from the many thousands of hours coaching – Nigel has covered multiple roles including 7 years as Chairman. His tireless involvement and contribution has been, and continues to be instrumental to the growth, culture and infectious energy of our beloved Ironsides.

Nigel reflects over the last 19 years. - VIDEO LINK HERE

First held in 1996, the annual event is a culmination of the sporting year for the Wandsworth community, which includes outstanding performances in many sporting arenas. 
Last year we had two nominees at these awards - Marcus Bailey, our current 1st XV captain for ‘Sports Person of the Year’ – Also, U21 flyer, Jake Seymour for 'Young Volunteer of the Year’.

We should all take pride in the fact that we are represented at these fantastic awards and that we are being recognized for our collective and individual contribution to our local community.



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