Dear Ironsider,

Russell Earnshaw, ex England U18 coach, ex England 7s coach, now of the Magic Academy ( is challenging coaches to re-think how they approach the task of coaching.  He helped create CARDS (Creativity, Awareness, Resilience, Decision Making and Self Organisation) and was involved in the player development pathway for England that focuses on developing the player and not just chasing the win.  He has spoken at Trinity School, at Old Ruts and at Rosslyn Park (which will have been an interesting clash of cultures) and recently had an article published in the Telegraph, which started:

“We would not place all the kids struggling with maths in the top set, leaving them to simply sink or swim with a novice teacher to deal with the unintended consequences.  We do so all too often in rugby. In fact, I sometimes I wonder whether we have forgotten the purpose of sport. Keeping the end in mind is crucial. To me, sport is about kids rocking up on a Sunday morning and being kids – playing with their mates, learning life skills and finding meaning in their lives through our wonderful sport. In addition, learning about, understanding and demonstrating the values of our game.”

He has kindly agreed to come to Ironsides on Thursday November 15, at 8.00pm and present his thoughts on coaching to us.  The bar will be open and there will be burgers on sale.  This evening is open to everyone – parents and adult players as well as coaches – and is aimed at anyone who is interested in how to nurture a child’s interest in sport.

Since the Clubhouse only holds around 120 we need to use a booking system so if you would like to attend please follow his link ( to book a place for the evening. 




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