29/11/2018 - WHOLE CLUB AGM 19:45 @ THE CLUB

19:45 – 20:00 start, Thursday, 29th November 2018 @ THE CLUBHOUSE

Welcome, introduction of club officers and committee members, apologies for absence.

1. Minutes of last year's AGM
2. Chairman's Address
3. Review of last season's senior men and ladies performance and this years aspirations - Colin O'Keefe
4. Review of Junior both Youth & Mini’s performance and aspirations
5. Events for the coming season
6. Presentation of Accounts - Paul Ritchings
7. Motion not to have accounts Audited - vote required
8. Election of Officers & Committee Members –
9. Explanation & Creation of Honorary Members – Colin O’Keeffe see attached list
10. Questions from the floor – 15mins

Rugby’s core values
Teamwork, Respect, Enjoyment, Discipline, Sportsmanship

There have been no new nominations this year but if you would like to be involved with running the club in any capacity please contact your team manager or section secretary.

List of Club Officers: To be voted on
Club President (Richard Smith)
Club Secretary (Richard Cotgrove)
Club Treasurer (Paul Ritchings)

Other committee members to be voted on
Club Chair (Rob Newman)
Senior Chair (Colin O’Keeffe)
Youth Chairman (Alan Wilkins)
Mini Chairman – (Dave Watson)
Mini Secretary – (Rachel Denning)
Property – (David Gardiner-Hill,)
Senior Treasurer – (Tom Pugh)
Website – (Shahid Rafiq)

Honorary Members
It is proposed that Ironsides Rugby honour longstanding members and who have contributed their time and effort to keep this club running. To often these people are taken for granted and they continue serving the club as unsung volunteers.

Proposed additions for 2018/19 season
Tony Szulc - 37 years as Seniors Fixtures Sec
Paul Tanner - 25 years as Seniors Sec
Paul Richings - 10 years as One Club Treasurer
Steve Wood - TBC Years as Senior Chairman and critical role in devising Sports Club Constitution alongside DGH.
Dan Marshall - 7 years on Senior Committee, 6 as Senior Chairman & currently Seniors Sponsorship Sec
Bob Ockendon –
Dave Taylor –

Nigel Taylor Walker – Founding member of Junior section
Ciaron Bolger – Founding member of Junior section
Bob Lettman – 10 years BISC chair, founding parent Junior section,
Andy Franklin – Ex treasurer  junior section-10 years plus



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