At the end of their first season, the Ironsides Ladies have exceeded all expectations with their success.
‚ÄčNot only were they unbeaten in their league games for 2017 (with victories of over 50 - 0), they managed to come back from their early season losses to finish at second in the table.

 Mud, Blood and Green Fields Beyond...FEAR NAUGHT...Ladies!

With the best defensive record in the league and an ever growing squad of incredibly talented ladies the committee decided it was time to challenge the team further by applying for promotion, in their first ever season.
It has just been confirmed that our application has been successful and so the ladies will be starting the 2017-18 season in the NC1 SE League with more determined than ever to make our mark in the world of women’s rugby.
A big thank you to everyone at the club who has supported us throughout our journey.
MAAAASSIVE 2 ,3 Ironsides Ladies



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