Remembrance Sunday is the 11th November.  As is now traditional at Ironsides, all home squads and teams should cease training just prior to 11:00 and gather to observe two minutes silence in honour of all who have died in the many conflicts around the world since World War I.
This day is especially poignant for Ironsides Rugby…
…Ironsides Rugby Football Club was founded in 1943 by Colonel E.H. St.Maur Toope of the 42nd Royal Tank Regiment Cadet Battalion (RTR).
‘Ironsides’ was the nickname given to the MK1 tanks used in WW1 which remains the focal point of the RTR badge today.
‘Ironsides’ was also the name given to Cromwell’s Roundhead cavalry during the English Civil War. Our original club badge featured the Roundhead helmet.
The RTR has two central mottos that the Club has adopted:
‘Fear Naught’ – literally meaning – Fear Nothing
‘From Mud, through Blood, to the Green Fields beyond’ – highlighting the struggle, courage and achievement of the RTR, reflected in the regiment colours – brown, red & green – worn on the right sleeve during combat, known as the tactical recognition flash (TRF)
Our club was known as Battersea Ironsides RFC from 1948 – 2009. In 2010, in a development which embraced the club’s heritage, we became known as IRONSIDES RUGBY, retaining the Roundhead helmet in our badge, and adopting other key elements of RTR heritage and tradition. All playing shirts, both Junior and Senior, now carry on the right sleeve, stripes in black – reflecting the unique colour of RTR uniform – red & green (Mud, Blood, Green Fields).
The Ironsides tank icon and the “Fear Naught” motto are used on various kit and merchandise items.

12-Nov-2016: Thanks to Ian Barbour, U6 father & ex @RoyalTankRegt Troop Leader, for delivering a poem ahead of 2 minutes silence at the clubhouse.



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